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Wikipedia's affiliate definition

"corporation may be referred to as an affiliate of another when it is related to it but not strictly controlled by it, as with a subsidiary relationship, or when it is desired to avoid the appearance of control. This is sometimes seen with companies that need to avoid restrictive laws (or negative public opinion) on foreign ownership".

Affiliation 101

Executive Transportation d/b/a is a nationwide car and limousine service provider relaying on its affiliation network to provide services to its clients when traveling to/from a major US city and Canada. has its own fleet in New York (Tri State Area) and Florida (Miami, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Other FL cities like Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and Jacksonville are served by our affiliates on those cities). 
When you become an affiliate, there are certain guidelines you must follow. If you are a broker (meaning that you don't have a fleet and rely on independent contractors/operators), chances are that you won't benefit from affiliation work (This is because you must offer between 10 & 20 % discount so the other company giving you the work be able to make some money). 

If you are contemplating getting into the affiliation game, here are some guidelines to take in consideration:

  • Once you become and affiliate and start accepting a jobs (farmed-in), you must:

    • Prioritize affiliate (farmed-in) jobs on top of your own. Even though the customer might be aware of the affiliation process, you don't want to be responsible for causing an account termination or have the passenger complaint because of your failure to provide a smooth and efficient service (Just remember how difficult it's to get and keep a recurring customer and how easy it's to lose it).

    • Never refuse a farmed-in job after you have accepted it. If there is a problem (in this line of business, there is always a hiccup), notify your affiliate ASAP (honesty is your best friend here. Remember that you are dealing with an industry experienced/knowledgeable party and any type of "BS" will most likely be detected).

    • Be honest about your service capabilities and business operation (believe it or not, most companies do prefer smaller operation vs the giant monster. It's ok to be a one man/woman owner operator like the famous "Bugs Bunny baseball cartoon", where Bugs plays all the bases as long as you disclose it).

    • Create an affiliate rate sheet containing policies, billing terms and procedures (example: Outstanding invoices satisfaction, cancellations, wait time, stops, airport terminal pickup procedure, etc...). Once the affiliate has this information handy, he/she doesn't have to call you every time it needs this info, especially if the client is live on the phone trying to make a reservation coming your way.

  • If you are the one "farming-out" jobs to other companies, pay your bills on a timely manner (you don't want your "farm-outs" rejected because you don't pay your bills).
    Note: Now days, you must provide a "credit card authorization form" in order to do business with another company.

  • If you are the one receiving "farmed-in" jobs from other companies, make sure you get a "credit card authorization form" and establish biiling system (do not break your own rules. An affilite that has paid without issues for a period of time, is capable of giving you a major league headache).

Here is a short example of our affiliation agreement

Note: This is the only content you are allowed to copy and use as your own from this website. All other content in this website, is copyrighted and protected by the "Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA)" . Copyright violations will be strongly enforced.

Affiliate agreement

  1. Affiliates agree to represent Executive Transportation d/b/a at all times and provide its clients with an efficient, professional and courteous service.

  2.  Vehicles must not be more than 4 years old and be clean (in & out), in good working condition (AC, engine, windows, doors, tires, etc...), free of advertising and body/interior damages.

  3.  Affiliates will not provide our clients with their business cards, telephones numbers or website address and will remove from vehicle interior any viewable/obtainable advertising material by passenger.

    • 3 (a) - Affiliate's drivers will not ask for additional gratuity or imply that the gratuity is not included on the total fare.

    • 3 (b) - Affiliates and/or it drivers are not allowed to take immediate or future reservations directly from passengers (instruct the passenger to call directly to place or modify a reservation).

  4.  A credit card imprint must be obtained from passenger's credit card if instructs the affiliate to do so.
  5. Credit card information must be safeguarded by affiliate to protect the client's financial information. 
  6. Credit card vouchers slips must be mailed to on a monthly basis.

    Violation to agreement rules # 3, 3a & 3b above are considered unethical and unprofessional and it would lead to a termination of affiliation. Violation to any of the remaining rules is a 2nd degree offense and often repeats will cause a termination of affiliation due to breach of contract.